Plant Medicine Making Workshop



Join Tatum from Bear Roots Forest as she teaches you how to create plant medicines!  In this hands-on workshop, you learn how to create water, alcohol and oil based herbal preparations.  Tatum will teach you how to formulate a tasty tea blend as well as a medicinal infusion blend.  You will then create your own blend using herbs grown at Bear Roots.  She will show you how to make herbal syrups as well.  Next you will learn the various preparations methods used to create plants extracts using vinegars, alcohols, and glycerins.  You will then create your own herbal vinegar.  Tatum will also show you how to make herb infused oils which can be used to create salves and balms.  She will discuss other plant medicine preparations including honey, hydrosols, salt blends and flower essences.  Tatum will discuss the upcoming spring plants and how to prepare them medicinally throughout the workshop.

This workshop will take place at Catapult Coffee & Studio, 116 Princess Street from 1-3pm.

The cost of the workshop is $35.


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