Learning the nutiritional and medicinal benefits of the plants that are growing around you is empowering!  Enjoy this journey as you learn to live harmoniously with nature through the seasons.

The times are changing! Right now it is more important than ever to discover the nutritional and medicinal benefits of the plants that are growing right outside your door. This course is a good place to start the journey of experiencing the wonders of nature.

Due to the current and unprecedented situation we find ourselves in I feel like the right thing to do is to make this course accessible to as many people as possible. The original cost of the course was $144 but I am now offering the course on a donation basis. No amount is too small or too large (hehe!)! There will be no judgement on your donation amount; a $5 donation is as much appreciated as a $100 donation. We are all dealing with our own financial situations and hardships at this time and this should not be a barrier to learning about the plants that can provide so much benefit to us right now.

Within each season I will be adding in plant monographs, lectures as well as short videos (non-professional!) to help identify the plant with harvesting tips and medicine making recommendations. Some plants may have all three or even more information about them but some may only have one. I want to include as many plants as possible which means there may only be time for a short video. There are many plants and trees that we can rely on as our allies during these uncertain times. Let’s learn about them together with our families!

Once a donation is received, an email will be sent (within a few hours) to you with instructions on how to login to the course along with an introduction video. 

Wishing you health and happiness, 


To gain access to this course, please click the Donate button below or you can send an email money transfer to [email protected].  Thanks!

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